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   The Healing Tree

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C: 201-364-5325

The Healing Tree
       A Call to the Awakening
              Healing a Step Beyond

                           The Healing Tree

 we welcome you to our Family


Brought here to Heal through Energetic Touch, Ceremonies, Gatherings, Remote Distances, or Discreet calls to your office.  Our services are provided in the comfort of my candle-lit home or your office in a discreet manner.
 the sessions are aimed to heal the client's energetic field, body, mind, and spirit while cleansing the chakra's of any blockages therefore allowing stagnant energies to move forward allowing healing to progress. 

Who we are:  Energy Healers, Reiki Masters, Empaths, Bodyworker's, & Pain Therapist's working together with the elements of Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit including Medicinal Herbs in combination with your Therapy for an overall better treatment.

Ceremonies are performed to remove stagnant energies
within the body, ceremonial smudging's are performed to close any open
hole's within the aura while cleaning and removal of any negativity from our system so that your journey may start clean and fresh.

The Healing Tree
We are a Nature Inspired Sacred Healing Sanctuary 
All are Welcome

     *Please keep in mind in no way is The Healing Tree an
   alternative to prevent diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any

                    The Healing Tree

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